A Study of the Influence of the War in Ukraine on the Russian Language




Kalmykova, Maria

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My research project examines the ways in which historical events can shape and transform language. Specifically, I focus on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and how it has impacted the Russian language. The Russian language has been co-opted as a propaganda tool by the government, with the result that the language has become increasingly polarized between pro and anti-war factions. As a consequence, new words and expressions have emerged, while existing words have taken on new meanings and connotations. The current political reality in Ukraine has led to a heightened sensitivity around language use, with individuals needing to be mindful of how their words might be perceived. The language has been divided into two distinct rhetorical camps, with each side utilizing distinct vocabularies and linguistic strategies to advance their agendas. This has created a challenging linguistic landscape for individuals navigating the political terrain, particularly those seeking to express nuanced or alternative perspectives. Overall, my research aims to shed light on the complex and dynamic relationship between language and politics, and the ways in which language can both reflect and shape historical events. By examining the ways in which the Russian language has been impacted by the conflict in Ukraine, I hope to provide insight into the broader role of language in shaping our understanding of the world around us.



Military Operation, Russia, Ukraine, War, Language