Enhancing social media-based participation in L2 communities of practice




Kataoka, Hajime

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This thesis is a literature review that reports on the use of social media for language learning and teaching. I argue that the use of one’s first language as well as their second language (L2) on social media is a useful technique while learning L2 because code-switching can play a vital role in communication among users. I also argue that social media-based participation in Communities of Practice (CoPs) can provide learning opportunities for language learners. In the course of my argument, I examine a wide range of studies relating to social media, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics and applied linguistics, and I discuss the benefits and risks of the use of social media in language learning. After amalgamating the key points from the literature, I propose a curricular framework for language classrooms which serves as a scaffolding activity for the use of social media for participating in L2 CoPs through objective analysis of linguistic resources.



Social Media, Applied Linguistics, Community of Practice, Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Computer Mediated Communication