Energy Monitoring, Analysis and Control with Internet of Things (IoT) for the Home Automation




Arora, Pavan

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Energy saving and power optimization techniques are in demand. In this project, a prototype has been developed for smart home automation. This prototype features energy monitoring, analysis and control using Internet of Things (IoT) for home automation. The Internet of Things represents a network of objects which are capable of interacting with other objects over the internet. These objects can be anything that has a unique identifier and the capability of transferring data over the internet. The function of this prototype is to measure voltage, current and frequency and send this information to the server (a web address providing a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for this prototype). The server stores the data and uses data mining to generate information for energy monitoring, analysis and control from thedata received. The prototype is designed to be placed in between the power supply and a device (to be observed for energy monitoring, control and analysis). The prototype has been implemented in conjunction with Epsilon Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (Ahmedabad, India).