Snuneymuxw justice as an alternative to the Canadian justice system




Carey, Michael Allen

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This thesis examines the current problematic relationship between the Canadian criminal justice system and the Snuneymuxw (Coast Salish) community. An historical analysis of the Canadian justice system, attempts to indigenize it and alternative indigenous justice processes were examined to determine their cultural relevance for the Snuneymuxw. The research also consisted of a qualitative analysis of twenty-one interviews with Snuneymuxw community members and Canadian criminal justice system officials along with my perspective as a police officer responsible for policing this community. In effect, this has added a deeper analysis of this issue with the goal of making substantive recommendations on how the Snuneymuxw peoples can establish a community-based and culturally relevant justice process, in accordance with their S’nuw’uy’ulh cultural teachings. Furthermore, this analysis will also recommend the relationship and connection of this process with the criminal justice system. This thesis is intended to guide the researcher, the Snuneymuxw community and potentially other indigenous communities with a process of developing and implementing a culturally relevant and appropriate model of justice for their community.



Coast Salish, justice