El Neptuno alegórico y su cristalización poética: análisis de los mensajes políticos, filosóficos y simbólicos del arco triunfal sorjuanino




Lundin Gaona, María Paz

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Considering that during the Baroque there was arguably nothing more enigmatic than the emblematic tradition, this thesis discusses how emblems played a role in the configuration of subjectivities in New Spain and, more precisely, in their production of symbolic imagery. Through the analysis of the poetic, political, and philosophical functions of the 1680 Neptuno alegórico (Allegorical Neptune), this this study discusses the concepts of "emblem,"ekphrasis"," "syncretism," and "neoplatonic tradition" in one of the most rethorical and multifaceted texts of the humanist writer and Hieronymite nun sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1648-1695).



sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, sincretismo, arcos triunfales efímeros, Neptuno alegórico, símbolos, écfrasis, tradición neoplatónica, Barroco, subtextos, alegoría, jeroglíficos, emblems, Allegorical Neptune, ephemeral archs, hieroglyphs, goodess Isis, feminization, feminización, emblematic tradition, symbolic imagery, subtexts, neoplatonic tradition