The attitudes and activities of registered nurses towards health promotion and patient education in the emergency department




Taggart, Michelle Rae

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Emergency department (ED) registered nurses (RNs) can help empower patients toward greater wellbeing through health promotion and patient education (HPPE). The ED is often an individual's first and only access to the health care system, and is seen as an underused setting for HPPE. To investigate RNs' current attitudes and activites about educating patients in the ED, 223 Canadian ED RNs were surveyed using an adapted web-based questionnaire. The attitudes of ED RNs and their current HPPE activities were examined, as was the relationship between level of nursing education and these attitudes. Results showed that perceived importance is the major variable to explain HPPE. A relationship also exists between fewer barriers and feeling more comfortable providing HPPE to patients. More comfortable ED RNS are more likely to see the importance of HPPE. A relationship between perceived effectiveness of HPPE and the frequency of HPPE was found. In general, ED RNs believe that HPPE is important, but need to perceive that what they are providing is effective.



Nursing, Hospitals, Emergency service, Health promotion