A metissage: learning in nature with indigenous ways - environmental studies, culture and 'play' - lessons that meet PLO's




Wright, Mary Louise

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Abstract The purpose of this project is to introduce metissage as a method for creating curriculum for First Nations and non-First nations students; curriculum that combines Indigenous pedagogy, environmental studies and experiential play learning in and about nature. The metissage suggested is created by braiding three types of lessons - western/eurocentric environmental lessons, ‘play’ lessons and local First Nations Culture lessons - together in a cohesive unit tied together with the commonality of local nature environments and Indigenous pedagogy. The benefits of nature, Indigenous pedagogy, play and environmental studies are discussed. Guidelines for creating such a unit are also laid out for the purpose of allowing teachers to create such a curriculum to suit the needs of the students in their local culture and environmental



Indigenous pedagogy, decolonization, environmental studies, metissage, nature