Genetic Enhancement Part II: DNA, Science, and Religion.




Leiss, William

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Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture


A continuation of the presentation given on January 25, 2005. William Leiss F.R.S.C is Canada’s leading thinker on risk and responsibility in the age of biotechnology. He is the author of numerous influential books, including: Under Technology’s Thumb, The Domination of Nature, In the Chamber of Risks, Risk and Responsibility and Mad Cow and Mother’s Milk. A “public intellectual” in the tradition of Thorsten Veblen, Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye, Dr. Leiss has projected his critique of technological determinism into public life, serving as President of the Royal Society of Canada and advising widely on the social and ethical implications of risk controversies and public policy. William Leiss is a Fellow and Past-President of the Royal Society of Canada; NSERC/SSHRC Research Chair in Risk Communication and Public Policy in the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary; Professor, memeritus School of Policy Studies, Queen’s University; and Executive-in-Residence, Mclaughlin Centre for Risk Assesment, University of Ottawa. His most recent book is The Herasaga: A Work of Utopian Fiction



genetic enhancement, risk and responsibility, biotechnology, DNA, science and religion, genetic modification


Leiss, William. "Genetic Enhancement Part II: DNA, Science, and Religion." Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture, Victoria, B.C. 27 January 2005. Presentation.