Multiliteracies in the middle: supporting middle years students




Lawson, Fiona Mary

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This project examines how a pedagogy of multiliteracies engages, motivates and creates powerful learning opportunities for adolescent learners. The literature confirms that middle years students learn best when they are in an environment that addresses the unique learning needs of the adolescent. A multiliteracies-based curriculum can effectively address those needs. The use of varied content area related literacies assists students with comprehension, making connections and finding meaning and motivation in class units of study. This project consists of a rationale for the project focus; a review of the relevant literature; a resource document outlining several multiliteracies based lesson plans for a Social Studies 8 unit of study on the Middle Ages; a reflection and reference list. This multiliteracies-based unit of instruction has been designed to aid educators in meeting the diverse and ever changing needs of adolescent learners and the forms of literacies they encounter in today‟s world.



middle years, multiple literacies, social studies