Self-interacting dark matter of an SU(2) gauged dark sector




Liu, Ruochuan

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This thesis investigates the possibility that the gauge boson in a certain hypothetical SU(2) gauged sector can constitute all the non-baryonic dark matter. The gauge bosons acquire mass from the Higgs mechanism as in the Standard Model and scatter elastically among themselves non-gravitationally. It is expected that this self interaction of the dark gauge bosons would resolve the various discrepancies between the ΛCDM model and astrophysical observations on small (e.g. galactic or galaxy cluster) scales. Parameter space within the domain of validity of perturbation theory satisfying the constraints of dark matter abundance, the elastic self-scattering momentum transfer cross-section suggested by recent astrophysical observations, and consideration of the Big-Bang nucleosynthesis was found to be non-empty in the “forbidden” regime where the mass of the dark Higgs boson is greater than the mass of the dark gauge boson.



Self-interacting dark matter, Dark matter, Thermal dark matter, Non-abelian gauge theory, Yang-Mills theory, dark Higgs boson, Higgs mechanism, Higgs portal, Dark gauge boson, Massive gauge boson, Elastically self-interacting dark matter, SU(2)