A Time for Recollection: Exploring the Temporality of Victoria‘s Sea-to-Sea Green Blue Belt Campaign




Lefort, Audrey

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University of Victoria


From 1988 to the early 2000s, the Sea-to-Sea Green Blue Belt campaign successfully protected the lands connecting Tod Inlet, Sooke Basin and Sooke River as a way to promote urban containment and wildlife protection. Within the frameworks of future orientations and social ecology, this study explores the timeline of the campaign, as well as the temporal experiences of environmental activists. This was accomplished by interviewing nine individuals from the Sea-to-Sea Greenbelt Society, the Sierra Club, the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, The Land Conservancy, the Capital Regional District, and a former MLA of the Province of British Columbia. Catalyzed by the 1988 algae bloom in the Greater Victoria drinking watershed, the campaign worked to protect the Sooke Hills Wilderness Regional Park in 1997 and the purchase of nearby private lands. The participants’ temporal experiences during the campaign were shaped by how they remembered their past and valued their future, as themes of home and legacy were emphasized in conversation. It was concluded that the Sea-to-Sea Green Blue Belt has become a timeless tribute to the passionate individuals dedicated to preserving the natural world. Embodying a success story, this landscape can act as a source of inspiration for future environmental activists.



greenbelt, temporality, future orientation, social ecology, environmental activism, qualitative research