Self-Regulated Learning in the Intermediate Classroom




Bartel, Suzanne Jolene

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This project focuses on the development of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) skills in an Inquiry-based learning (IBL) environment. There were three guiding questions for this project: (1) How can teachers support students in their development of SRL skills? (2) What are some of the reasons that many learners have not yet developed SRL skills? and (3) How can SRL instruction support students in an IBL environment? The project includes a look at current research and literature in regards to SRL in the intermediate classroom. Chapter three includes a resource that is co-created with Christopher Lister and myself, and provides a detailed unit for teachers introducing IBL to students that is supported by the development of SRL skills in the learner. While the field of education is quickly moving towards IBL and project-based learning, many of our students do not have the necessary SRL skills that they need to be successful in these types of personalized learning environments.



Self-Regulated Learning, Inquiry-Based Learning, IBL, SRL