ALRPC: a mechanism to semi-automatically refactor legacy applications for deployment in distributed environments




Bergen, Andreas Christoph

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Scientific projects, businesses, and individual devices such as smart phones, tablets and embedded devices are collecting and retaining unparalleled and growing amounts of data. Initially, spatial locality of the data (collocation of data and application) cannot be assumed and local resource constraints impact monolithic legacy applications. Resource restrictions and less feasible approaches such as moving large data sets within these paradigms are not feasible for certain legacy applications. As such we have taken a renewed look at Remote Procedure Call mechanisms and designed, built and evaluated a RPC mechanism called Automated Legacy system Remote Procedure Call generator (ALRPC). ALRPC allows us to convert monolithic applications into distributed systems by selectively and semi-automatically moving individual functions to different process spaces. This improves spatial locality and resource constraints of critical functions in legacy applications. Empirical results from our initial experiments show that our mechanism’s level of automation outperforms existing industry strength tools and its performance is competitive within the scope of this work.



RPC, Legacy System, C, Remote Procedure Call, Automation