Becoming an advanced practice school nurse: a meta-bricolage




Duquette, Dominique

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Abstract This project is a meta-bricolage grounded in a neomodernist worldview. Researcher-as-bricoleur arehandypeople using the tools at hand to construct practical and contextual knowledge. Here you will find a guerrilla theory about advancing practice as a school nurse and two literature reviews to refine the construct of school connectedness. While students' level of connectedness with school seems to have a protective effect on risk-behaviours, the causal relationships are unclear and inconsistencies in definition and measurement remain. This project oscillates between empirical, aesthetic and personal ways of knowledge development. The two literature reviews are guided by complementary theoretical perspectives. The first review using Whittemore and Knafl's (2005) Integrative method is carried out from a complex systems approach (Diez Roux, 2011) that enables the extraction of 1) feedback loops, 2) dependencies between individuals and 3) macro-level patterns that emerge from reviewing empirical data about the construct of school connectedness. The second review using Found Poetry (Prendergast, 2006) transforms the construct to evoke another meaning of school connectedness. The construct of school connectedness is measured through several concepts such as academic engagement, belonging, discipline and fairness, likes school, student voice, extracurricular activities, peer relations, safety and teacher support. School connectedness is a malleable construct through teacher training, social competence training, smaller school size, natural mentoring relationships, and democratic processes. Advanced practice school nursing is the ability to articulate the philosophical and theoretical foundations of the practice, application of scholarly thinking during practice to co-produce ideas that become the evolving foundations for a practice that promotes what is good, emancipatory and healthful for the school-community. Keywords: advanced practice, school nurse, school connectedness, neomodernism, bricolage



advanced practice, school nurse, school connectedness, neomodernism, bricolage