Evaluating the implementation of an electronic medical record system for a health organization-affiliated family practice clinic




Forland, Lindsay

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The use of technology in primary care settings is not a new concept; the benefits of implementing electronic medical records are stated throughout the literature related to gains in productivity, patient safety, and adherence to clinical guidelines. Yet, despite these benefits, the adoption of electronic medical records in primary care settings, in Canada remains low. This thesis research, a descriptive case study, is an in-depth look at the process of electronic medical record implementation for a family practice group in an attempt to understand the process, technology, and the challenges associated with such as transition. This research uses two well-known models as its framework: the Delone and McLean IS Success Model and John Kotter’s Eight Stages of Organizational Change. The use of the two models together is unique; their use together provides a broader look at the aspects of implementation including the environment in which it is being conducted.



Electronic Medical Record, Organizational Change, System Implementation, Family Practice