The no show stamp in primary health care: making peace with a colonial legacy




Arnold, Othmar

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The project The “NO SHOW” stamp in Primary Health Care: Making peace with a colonial legacy is the synthesis of my graduate experience in the Master of Nursing program – Advanced Practice Leadership option - at the University of Victoria School of Nursing. With this project, I have not only applied my learning in advanced nursing practice, but I have also explored aspects of my fields of interest in cross-cultural practice, Aboriginal health, and the intersection of peace and health. The project is divided in three parts: First, I will describe the context of the practice project and elaborate on its purpose and objectives. The second part of the project, starting with an abstract, is formatted as an article on the use of the “NO SHOW” stamp intended for publication in a journal. It contains the main analysis from this project. The third part is a policy briefing note in Appendix A, created to initiate change through this practice project. This note is written for policy makers in Nunavut and can serve as a template for decision makers in other jurisdictions.



primary health care, peace, colonial, legacy