Montessori Meets British Columbia's New Curriculum: Incorporating Montessori Principles into Public School Classrooms




Weir, Stacey

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At a time in which technology is both pivotal and ever-changing, the need for students to become independent and passionate learners has never been more important. With the unveiling of British Columbia’s new curriculum, it has become evident that preparing students for a future riddled with constant change, instant communication, and immediate information is paramount. As such, the redesigned curriculum focuses on personalized learning, flexible learning environments, and inquiry-based learning as just a few of its cornerstones. Ironically, Maria Montessori recognized these same needs over one hundred years ago. This paper is intended to provide insight as to the parallels between BC’s new curriculum and the Montessori approach. As we move towards classrooms rich in both learning experiences and pedagogy, it is hoped that educators interested in the Montessori approach may implement some of the ideas within this document.



self-regulation, problem-solving, community, collaboration, interdependence, curriculum, Montessori