Unendlicher Bruch: the struggle toward music in Johannes Brahms's and Ludwig Tieck's Magelone




McCallum, Rebekah Sheppard

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Johannes Brahms's Magelone Romanzen, op. 33. have sparked decades of scholarly debate over their potentially cyclic construction and the degree of their connection to the source of their poetic texts. Ludwig Tieck's Wundersame Liebesgeschichte der schönen Magelone und des Grafen Peter von Provence. Following recent scholarship, this thesis regards the mixed-genre (Mischgedicht) construction of Tieck's literary work as the model for Brahms's Romanzen. Moving beyond genre analysis, however. l argue that both Tieck's and Brahms's choices of mixed genre are based ultimately in musical aesthetics - aesthetics principally expounded in three essays from Tieck's Phantasien über die Kunst. für Freunde der Kunst. Through close reading of Tieck's philosophy. literary analysis of the Wundersame Liebesgeschichte. and musical analysis of Brahms's Romanzen, my work explores the intricate connections between conception and creation in these works, proposing Tieck's concept of musical fantasy as a philosophical solution to the musical ambiguities of op. 33.



Brahms, Johannes, Tieck, Ludwig, criticism and interpretation