iDEM: integrator of Digital Elevation Models




Salomonsson, Peter Bertil Johan

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Digital Elevation Models (DEM) are typically created through a variety of multi-step processes that are generally labour intensive. This thesis explores the trade-offs involved in automating these processes in order to produce a DEM at various resolutions, while minimizing artifacts and highlighting areas where artifacts or uncertainty may have been introduced. The iDEM system is a prototype design to automate the creation of customized DEM complete with a detailed audit-trail of metadata history. Originally conceived as a solution to creating DEM for tsunami modelling, iDEM is applicable to modelling any spherical surface. The proposed framework is highly generalizable in that it leverages existing applications in a plug-and-play manner, essentially integrating them into a new system. The creation of DEM in our prototype design utilizes an amalgamation of three existing fusion methods that allow tessellation without edge distortion and propagates data uncertainty for every DEM generated. The challenge of integrating data in different formats is tackled by automatically generating customized DEM based on the selection of any module providing data fusion techniques applied to the best measurements available.



DEM, digital elevation model, bathymetry and topography fusion system design, DEM uncertainty