Nursing’s Voice in Healthcare IT Acquisition Decisions




McLean, Allen

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The participation of senior nursing healthcare executives in the acquisition of electronic healthcare information systems is not well understood. This is an important issue because nurses make up the majority of care-providers within the Canadian healthcare system, and thus the majority of the information systems end-users. End-user involvement in the selection and evaluation of a healthcare information system is vital to implementation success; it is very important we understand the background knowledge and participation of the nursing leadership making these important decisions. Senior healthcare executives with a background in nursing from each of the Health Authorities across British Columbia were recruited to participate in an online survey questionnaire. An N=11 of senior executives were invited to participate, and a response rate of 82% was achieved. Among many interesting findings, the results showed a clear interest and enthusiasm from these nursing leaders in taking an active and enthusiastic role in key aspects of electronic healthcare information systems acquisition and upgrading projects.


Allen McLean PhD (c), RN, MN, MSc is currently a PhD student at the University of Saskatchewan in the Computational Epidemiology and Public Health Informatics Lab. He is researching potential applications of computer modeling and simulation for addressing chronic diseases and health inequities at the population level. Allen previously attended the University of Victoria earning an MN and MSc (Health Information Science) in a unique program for Nursing Informatics professionals. Allen has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare as a Navy medic, ultrasound technologist, and community health RN.​



McLean, A. (2015). Nursing’s Voice in Healthcare IT Acquisition Decisions. [Web Recording].