Mathematical modelling of a metal hydride hydrogen storage system




MacDonald, Brendan David

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In order for metal hydride hydrogen storage systems to compete with existing energy storage technology, such as gasoline tanks and batteries, it is important to have fast reaction rates, especially quick refill times. Improving the hydriding rate involves enhancing the heat transfer within the reaction bed. To complement experimental investigations, a two-dimensional transient model has been developed to describe the heat and mass transfer phenomena within a metal hydride bed. The metal hydride model is thermally coupled to a fuel cell through heat transfer relations and utilized to compare different heat transfer enhancements and storage tank configurations. Three cases are simulated: a base case with no heat transfer enhancements, a case with fins attached to the outside of the tank, and a case with an annular tank design. The results demonstrate that the annular metal hydride tank meets the requirements of the fuel cell while providing a robust and compact hydrogen storage system.



hydrogen as fuel, fuel cells