Identity voyage: An investigation into how homeland conflict affects the identities of immigrants to Canada




Press, Anna Melinda

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This thesis aims to address the challenges faced by immigrants to Canada from countries in conflict, namely Turkey and Israel. Through the use of a conceptual framework, this research study identifies how context, conflict and identity impact upon each other and are expressed through insightful narratives. Data collection was conducted in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada, using semi-structured interviews and reflective journals. Findings indicated that regardless of physical proximity to conflict in one’s homeland, it can continue to have an effect – in many cases through familial (sentimental) attachments rather than concern for the country. As well, identity should be considered permeable but also overlapping; emigration does not necessarily entail disengagement from the homeland (or its conflicts). Ultimately, this study examines the interconnected nature of conflict and identity, in both personal and social ways, through immigrants’ perceived engagement in homeland conflict, once in Canada.



identity, conflict, narrative, immigration, Turkey, Israel, Canada