Positive Living, Positive Homes; Housing and Policy: Connecting Policy to Practice




Neville, Cleopatra

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Positive Living, Positive Homes (PLPH) is a community-based research (CBR) study examining HIV, health and housing in British Columbia (BC). The study is a partnership between the Pacific AIDS Network, the University of Victoria, and numerous community partners. This sub-study is an examination of the perspectives of policy makers (N= 6) in Kamloops, BC, to better understand the benefits and challenges of different housing approaches for people living with HIV. Thematic analysis of transcripts from semi-structured interviews with the policy makers was conducted to identify key themes. Study findings highlight the need to consider housing as a health issue; increase coordination between policy and service sectors regarding HIV and housing; and build partnerships beyond HIV and housing sectors. In examining policy maker experiences, perspective can be gained upon experiences of housing and health for people living with HIV, developing a stronger understanding of the benefits and challenges of different housing policy models.



HIV, Housing, Kamloops, Poverty, Health, Stigma, Qualitative