Moderate to Intense Physical Activity Mitigates Fall Risk in Community Dwelling Seniors




Taylor, Jake

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Over 30% of community-dwelling older adults aged 65 and older experience a fall each year. Current exercise guidelines do not specifically target fall prevention. Therefore, it would be pertinent to identify the most important physical activity (PA) characteristics that may reduce the risk of falling in older adults. This study set out to determine if some characteristics of the current physical activity guidelines for older adults are more beneficial in preventing falls than others. 35 older adults aged 70 and older volunteered to participate in this cross-sectional study. Based on a self-report of falling in the past year, participants were classified into 2 groups: fallers (n = 18) and non-fallers (n = 17). Each participant completed the CHAMPS questionnaire, a self-reporting questionnaire to determine the frequency/week, and caloric expenditure/week in exercise-related activities. Using centralized variables, univariate logistic regression models were performed to predict fall risk. The variables frequency, duration, and kcal of moderate & greater intensity PA were significant. This study suggest that individuals need to engage in routine moderate intensity PA in order to be at a reduced risk for falls. Both the frequency and duration of PA are important for reducing fall risk.



ageing, physical activity, fall risk, falls, Older adults