Encouraging scientific literacy and critical thinking through the examination of media




Anderson, Heather J

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This project, completed as part of a Master’s in Education with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction, examines techniques to teach critical thinking through the lens of scientific literacy. The focus of the project is to teach students to appreciate the interconnectedness of science and to equip them with the skills to question the science they see and hear, especially from the media. It begins with a literature examination of how to teach critical thinking skills, the techniques of science, technology, society and environment (STSE), and how to question media. This review of the literature led to the creation of the project that encompasses three different activities: the first shows and discusses scientific discoveries and ideas presented in weekly You Tube videos, the second teaches students to look for and question scientific evidence in a variety of media sources, and the third has students use these skills to summarize, evaluate, and reflect on an article on a recent scientific discovery and have an online discussion about it with their peers. This project concludes with a professional reflection on the evolution of this project, the future implication and direction of the project, and some recommendations for others who want to incorporate aspects of this project into their own classrooms.



Critical Thinking, Scientific Literacy, Media Literacy, Science, Technology, Society and Environment