CrowdLabs: A platform for human behaviour and perception studies




Parikh, Kunal

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Advancements in technology encourage researchers to decipher several intricate conceptions such as human perception and behavioral studies. Though engineering science supports scientists, it in turn demands enormous efforts from them. Therefore, the necessity for a system that reduces the academicians’ time and toil becomes inevitable. The proposed system – CrowdLabs allows the researchers to conduct a wide variety of human experiments and simulations and can scale up to capture fast-flowing data streams without them worrying about most of the underlying engineering concerns. The apparatus consists of two major traits: The experimenter who creates new trials and collects several forms of data for their studies, and the participants who take part in these experiments. This modular framework offers a minimal backend for different perspective controllers, data collection, and control to the scientists for loading and managing their experimental designs, repetition of scenes, randomizing sequences, and integrating training through a simple interface. The system was assessed for an interactive experiment to determine the system's capability to conduct a wide variety of complex human perception and behavior experiments. Subsequently, the system’s performance was evaluated for CPU, GPU, memory, and frame rates. This analysis indicated that the apparatus was responsive and robust for all the experiment scenarios. Furthermore, the system was evaluated extensively and several avenues for future work have been identified.



Behavioral Studies, Virtual Reality, Human Perception, Experiment Management, Rapid prototyping