Community Engagement to Develop a Volunteer Framework for Independent Action




Barnett, Lindsay

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This report explores concepts of independent volunteerism through a case study of the Save BC Wolves (SBCW) Community. Consisting of more than 3,000 members, SBCW is opposed to the controversial BC wolf cull policy where wolves are culled from helicopters to conserve caribou herds. Host organization Pacific Wild aims to leverage this community to pressure provincial decision makers to identify alternative conservation solutions. Data from a survey and focus group was interpreted using grounded theory, surfacing key learnings to guide the development of a self-mobilized volunteer function within SBCW. While there is minimal comfort among members to initiate volunteer activities, there is a strong interest in additional learning opportunities and active involvement. A set of recommendations to further build capacity for self-mobilized volunteerism conclude the report, including developing a volunteer program vision; an onboarding program supported by an ongoing learning program; an internal communications strategy; a clear process to identify and action volunteer activities, and an internal leadership cohort among those most engaged.



Volunteer Engagement, Community Engagement, Volunteer Framework, Volunteerism, Self-Mobilizing Volunteers, Communities of Interest, Environmental Volunteerism, Budget Volunteer Management