Tensile Testing of 3D Printed Materials for Scoliosis Brace




Malik, Rahul

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Tensile Testing of four different polymers was done to determine the best 3D printer material for developing a scoliosis brace using a 3D printer. Mechanical properties of various polymer materials have been studied to understand advantages and disadvantages, and to estimate the strength parameters. Four different polymers were eventually selected for testing: PLA, ABS, HDGlass (PETG) and Nylon. Test specimens were manufactured by 3D printing technology with specimens printed in side and upright orientations. Specimens were subjected to tensile testing to determine the properties of maximum tensile strength and Young’s modulus. The superior material among these tested materials was PLA with a maximum tensile strength of 45.66 (N/mm²) and the second strongest material was ABS with a maximum tensile strength of 35.44 (N/mm²). The most flexible material was Nylon with low tensile strength of 22.06 (N/mm²). PLA is considered to be the superior material from all other materials, with the next better material being ABS. Both Nylon and PETG are low strength materials when compared with PLA and ABS. The results achieved through these tests are of high significance in the development of a scoliosis brace.



Tensile Testing, 3D Printed Materials, Scoliosis Brace