Self-regulation strategies used by preschool boys : a multiple case study.




Blodgett, Lisa Joy

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This multiple case study examined the self-regulation strategies used by 6 preschool-aged boys. The participants in this study were selected based on criterion of an undercontrolled behavior style. The researcher gained this description of the children via parental perceptions and naturalistic videotaped observations. Using these videotaped observations of natural play in the preschool environment, the researcher gained insights into the self-regulatory behaviors of these boys within their solitary play, and their peer and adult interactions. The across-case patterns revealed that the boys' behavior included a large proportion of prosocial and constructive coping responses. The data also suggested that the boys demonstrated deficits in their language strategies, especially within distressing or challenging peer situations where their negative emotion seemed to disrupt their use of skilled responses. Similarly, the boys were only observed using aggressive and negatively emotional responses subsequent to their failed attempts at peer interactions. The findings of this study can assist educators and parents in providing early education practices and play experiences that promote the development of socially competent language, emotional regulation, and peer initiation strategies.



Self control, Preschool children