Investigation of Wave Variable Control on Bilateral Teleoperation System with Constant Time Delays




Sun, Xizhe

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Teleoperation Systems allow human operators to perform complex tasks in remote and hazardous environments. A wide variety of applications based on teleoperation systems, including space exploration, undersea detection, minimally invasive surgery etc. have made great contributions to our society. Various feedbacks like sound, visual and haptic feedbacks are sent to the user in order to enhance the user experience and improve system performance. With the help of haptic feedbacks, human operators can achieve remote control and interact with an inaccessible environment. However, time delays between the master and the slave may cause instability. To guarantee the stability and improve the transparency, many approaches such as passivity-based control, adaptive control, robust control, and sliding mode control are widely researched. This project studied Wave Variable Control approach in teleoperation systems, one of passivity-based control theories, and discussed its advantages and disadvantages.



Wave Variable Contro, Bilateral Teleoperation System, Constant Time Delays