Speaking from the inside: participation in aboriginal health planning in a regional health authority




Cheema, Geeta

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This case study explores participation in Aboriginal health planning as perceived by members of the Aboriginal Health and Wellness Advisory Committee of the Interior Health Authority, a regional health authority in British Columbia. By prominently featuring the voices of Committee members as recorded in personal interviews, this research identifies issues and tensions in participatory Aboriginal health planning. Document review and personal observations enrich and support the analysis. The research findings convey that, although Committee members express a range of perceptions and beliefs about Aboriginal health planning, the Committee provides a foundation for meaningful participation. Strengthening accountability relationships and employing Aboriginal population health approaches are suggested means by which meaningful participation in Aboriginal health planning can be actualized. This study emphasizes the importance of genuine relationship building between the health authority and Aboriginal communities for achieving gains in Aboriginal health.



Aboriginal, participation, regional health authority, health planning, health, case study, qualitative, accountability, population health