Androids: A Remarkable Approximation to the Organic




Walraven, Aya

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Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture


This talk walks through a brief history of androids in the past and present. Citing Japan as a special case, Aya Walraven explores how androids, cyborgs, and humans alike fit into society with a growing need for robotic assistance and enhancement, and touches upon the cultural roots and psychology that affects how we receive our mechanical partners.


Aya Walraven is a digital media and internet enthusiast who primarily works in video and web. She is the editorial assistant and media designer at CTheory and head of PACTAC’s Software Analysis Lab. Aya is also responsible for the technical inner-workings of the PACTAC facility. A self-appointed internet-culture historian and archivist she observes and documents online behaviour, particularly in Japanese youth and anonymous communities.


androids, Japan, cyborgs, robotic assistance, mechanical partners, robot culture


Walraven, Aya. "Androids: A Remarkable Approximation to the Organic." Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture, Victoria, B.C. 18 March 2011. Presentation.