Design and Application of Autonomous Mobile Robot




Gilmour, Thomas

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Application-oriented research on autonomous mobile systems has experienced a surge of interests. Complicated tasks such as search and rescue, surveillance, and warehousing can be autonomously conducted with higher efficiency. In this project, an original prototype for a ground mobile robot was designed. With the use of computer vision, inertial measurements, and quadrature encoders the following was implemented - robot localization, odometry, object avoidance and object detection. ROS (Robot Operating System) is the chosen software platform, the designed network will allow future development including multiple agents sharing information wirelessly in order to effectively complete cooperative tasks. Unique control algorithms were developed for specific tasks based on the system dynamics and the available data from various sensors. Finally, the system proved to successfully demonstrate the ability to navigate a known space autonomously in a robust manner.



Mobile Robot, Robotics, Navigation, Object Avoidance, SLAM, Computer Vision, Mapping, Autonomous