Culturally based education: student technology projects in a First Nations community




Scott, Elizabeth Letitia

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This inquiry explores community members' perceptions of student produced multimedia technology projects. Projects are community-based, rooted in First Nations culture of a remote northern British Columbian village. Open-ended interviews focus on what community members consider important to the education of their children. Community presentations and meetings underscore the emphasis on participatory and decolonizing methods used in this case study. Theories of cultural compatibility, cognition, and cultural historical activity underlie culturally based education (CBE) programs exemplified by these projects. A totem pole metaphor guides readers through the inquiry. Participants expressed strong support for CBE programming, specifically those that use technology in innovative ways to support culturally relevant community-based educational initiatives as well as to create resource materials. Similar research suggests that these kinds of projects may lead to increased levls of student achievement and success in other areas and may act to bridge the gap between local and global educational requirements.



video, multi-media, First Nations, community-based, aboriginal students, education, British Columbia, technology