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Yaffe, Debby
Fisher, Joy

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Item consists of sound recordings of an oral history interview with Debby Yaffe. Debby (Deborah) Yaffe is a feminist, activist and retired University of Victoria Department of Women’s Studies senior instructor.
Interview conducted by Joy Fisher.


Debby Yaffe discusses her childhood, schooling and family life in California, including gendered family roles, expectations of femininity in the 1950s, university, marriage and life in Europe, her feminist consciousness raising experience in London, teaching high school in London, the differences between English and American societies, sex discrimination, radical feminist activities, restructuring of sexual relationships, life in Canada and involvement in the Women’s movement in Victoria, Status of Women Action group, Everywomen's Books, disordered eating as feminist issue, work as a fitness instructor, abortion rights, impact on feminist awareness of the December 6, 1989 killings at École Polytechnique in Montréal, radical feminism, women’s lives in Canada and England, life as a lesbian, resisting dominant domestic relationship constructs, teaching Women’s Studies, feminist theory, and the Victoria Women’s Movement Archives. The Debby Yaffe interview was conducted by Joy Fisher as a research project in the course History 358A, “Women in Canada,” taught by Dr. Lynne Marks, which covered histories of women in Canada from the era of New France to the present. Fisher’s resulting essay is entitled “Riding the Wave/ Watching the Wave: A Second Wave Feminist Talks about Gender Ideologies and her Life.” Digitized 2009/10 (originally recorded 2 February 2009, 1:23.34; 17 February 2009, 1:34:29 and 41:14) 3 MP3 sound recordings


Oral history British Columbia, Lesbian activists Canada, Women's Studies Canada, Feminism Canada