Sexual behaviour and condom use perceptions in Karare, an Ariaal Rendille community in Northern Kenya




Kiehle, Andrea Renee

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For over two decades, academia and health related fields have battled against the transmission and spread of HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2004, twenty-five million people were reported as HIV positive, with young people having the highest incidence rate. Research has shown consistent condom use can reduce the spread of HIV. However, African sexual behavioural studies show consistent reluctance to use condoms. Based on the principles of social epidemiology, this study uses 2007 sexual behaviour survey data from the Ariaal Rendille community of Karare to delineate barriers and opportunities to condom use among the unmarried men and women. The methodological approach for this study lies in categorical data analysis of responses to questions concerning the function and perceptions of condoms.



Condom, Sexual Behaviour, Karare, Kenya, HIV, AIDS, Ariaal, Rendille