Paired reading with iPads in the grade 6 French immersion classroom




Dorion, Charlotte Lucy Hesione

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This project was prompted by observed difficulties in L2 reading and comprehension for grade 6 French Immersion students. The literature on L2 reading was reviewed, and evidence was found for a threshold of vocabulary and of competence in language below which students may not benefit from silent reading. A review of the literature on reading aloud with a partner suggested that it may increase comprehension, and the literature on iPads suggested that they may be a useful tool for increasing engagement in reading. Based on these findings, friendship-based pairs read aloud to one another and recorded a response to what they had read on an iPad on a weekly basis for a school year. This paired reading activity seemed to lead to elevated levels of motivation and engagement evidenced by the students’ increased comprehension and spontaneous use of play and role play.



French Immersion, iPads, Paired Reading, Reading in French Immersion