Photoluminescence and X-ray Diffraction Analyses of Cadmium Zinc Telluride Crystals




Jamnejad, Ramin

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This thesis present photoluminescence spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction analyses of four different cadmium zinc telluride samples with different quality and features and similar zinc molar concentration of 10%. Photoluminescence spectroscopy of the samples let us obtain several physical parameters of the samples which are indicators of quality, composition, structure, and impurity levels of the samples. The band gap energy of the samples obtained from the photoluminescence spectra at low temperatures helped us to estimate zinc molar concentration of the samples. Temperature dependence of band gap energy in these samples has been analyzed and exciton-LO phonon interactions in the samples has been analyzed. From temperature dependence of full width at half maximum of the photoluminescence peak several parameters including concentration of impurity centers and inhomogeneity of the samples are determined and compared in order to check the quality of the samples. Thermal quenching of the photoluminescence peak has been analyzed and the processes which are associated with each parameter are determined and discussed. X-ray diffraction analyses of the sample for the location and width of the peaks have been analyzed and several characteristics of the samples including quality, lattice constant and zinc molar concentration of the samples are determined and compared. The parameters that are obtained from these analyses are compared with the ones from the photoluminescence spectra and showed a good agreement between the results of these two non-destructive characterization techniques.



Photoluminescence, X-ray diffraction, Cadmium Zinc Telluride