An exploration of advocacy in perioperative nursing practice




McLeod, Bonnie

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“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” -- Herbert Spence The reality of nurses’ practice in the perioperative environment is seriously impacted by the power struggles and political influences present in today’s complex surgical settings; constraining the enactment of patient advocacy. My purpose, in this paper, is to present an in-depth review of the literature on nursing advocacy, from early nurse contributors to recent publications, with a focus on advocacy in perioperative nursing practice. Examining the complex issues of historical aspects and concept interpretation can illuminate approaches to create change. A review of the ideologies present in the perioperative environments that affect the enactment of advocacy will be followed by a discussion of the multiple factors that both impede and support the practice of advocacy. Following this analysis, I propose several recommendations and strategies to facilitate nursing advocacy in the operating room.



exploration, perioperative, advocacy, nursing practice