The self-concepts of gifted and nongifted students: A meta-analysis




Litster, Kristin M.

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The current meta-analysis compares the self-concepts and perceived competencies of gifted and nongifted students. Gifted and nongifted students’ beliefs about themselves differ across six domains. Using meta-analytic methods to synthesize the results of 37 studies, this meta-analysis shows that gifted students score significantly higher than nongifted students on measures of perceived academic and behavioral competence. Gifted students score significantly lower than nongifted students in perceived athletic competence. The small degree of difference between groups in the appearance, global, and social domains suggest that gifted students are not at significant advantage or disadvantage in these areas. Moderator variables such as grade level and measure account for systematic differences between gifted and nongifted students’ academic and behavioral perceptions of competence. The current study concludes with recommendations and guidelines for future self-concept and perceived competence research.



Self-Concept, Perceived Competence, Gifted, Meta-Analysis, Education