Analysis of Students' Learning for Efficient Task Assignment in a Distributed Scrum Setting




Chhabra, Prashant

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The Development of software across multiple sites called global software development [GSD] is the norm of industry. Various factors like monetary benefits, desire to tap into a pool of skilled workers and the proximity to customers, has led to its growth. However, GSD suffers from various challenges, with communication being the biggest. It is difficult to divide complex software into independent modules such that to minimize the communication requirements. Development of these interdependent modules takes place across different sites that are separated by different time zones, cultures and languages. These differences create difficulty in communication and collaboration which is essential for the success of GSD. Scrum, an agile methodology, has shown to mitigate some of these challenges by enforcing structured communication. This report presents a case study of students working in the development of mobile application in distributed scrum setting. The aim of this report is to see if students following scrum methodology learn task assignment to reduce cross team and cross-site dependencies.



Global Software Development, Scrum, Agile, Logical Dependency