Guiding Philosophy and Governance Model of Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society




Jobin, Shalene

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Indigenous peoples are increasingly migrating to urban centers where they are faced with social, economic, and political disadvantages while continuing to battle with stereotypes in society. Currently Edmonton has the second highest municipal Indigenous population in Canada, at 40,930 (CMA, Stats Canada, 2001) and is projected to have the largest urban Indigenous population in Canada by 2014 (RCAP). Increasingly urban Indigenous peoples have become proactive in the fight for recognition, cultural identity, and development of appropriate services. An illustration of this is Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society in Edmonton, Alberta, which provides wholistic social services based on traditional Indigenous teachings. The objective of this project is to study and document the governance structure and philosophy behind Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society.



traditional, healing, indigenous, identity, proactive, medicine wheel, Bent Arrow, governance, philosophy, aboriginal, teachings, spirituality, culture, wholistic, values, Natural Laws