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Bill, Courtney

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My research involved collecting information and photos to be used in Mark Leiren-Young’s middle grade nonfiction book on octopuses for Orca Book Publishers, set to be published in 2025. I researched every aspect of octopus life from diet, predators, anatomy, linguistic history in other cultures, famous octopuses and their escape stories, legends and myths surrounding them, and more. Throughout the process I also fact-checked, found quotes that would guide each chapter, and looked through acclaimed environmental publications such as National Geographic and Smithsonian for octopus-related discoveries. When a draft of the book was completed, I assisted in proofreading, editing, fixing formatting and offering constructive feedback. In terms of photo collection, I searched dozens of public domain databases, organized hundreds of photos in folders and ensured proper credit was attributed to each. Finally, I formatted a careful selection of photos according to the publisher’s preferred formatting. I also assisted Mark Leiren-Young with his side projects including a documentary on endangered orcas, articles about the orca attacks in Gibraltar, filing and analyzing FOIA requests, proofreading Substack and Medium articles, assisting his environmental podcast called Skaana and organizing storage, among other tasks.



octopus, cephalopods, writing, editing, middle grade, non-fiction