Polyamory: constructing relationships outside of monogamy




McLuskey, Krista

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Based on five semi-structured in-person interviews with self-identified polyamorous people, I argue that people construct their relationships from the options they view available to them. Polyamory, the philosophy and practice of ethical and open non-monogamy, became how the five interviewees in my study decided to live out their relationships only after having heard of the term and concept. They found that polyamory answered crisis in their relationships and relationship views for which monogamy could not provide an adequate solution. The in-depth interviews conducted focussed on how polyamorous people envisioned, created, and maintained their multiple, loving relationships. The results speak to how people create their world from what they see around them and the options they feel are available to them. It points to how invisibility of options curtails people from being able to choose a life suited to them.



polyamory, monogamy, relationships, non-monogamy, open relationships