Just transitions for oil and gas regions and the role of regional development policies




Krawchenko, Tamara Antonia
Gordon, Megan

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The oil and gas industry is a major economic driver in many regions and countries, providing workers with well-paid jobs and spurring investments and economic growth. The need to transition these industries in order to meet climate commitments presents a major challenge. How can the costs and risks to workers and communities of the transition be mitigated? How can stakeholders be included in decisions that impact them? How do transitions impact the broader economy of these regions and what are they transitioning to? Importantly, how can regional development policies support this process? This comparative policy review explores just transition management in three oil and gas dependent regions that have signified the need to transition away from the oil and gas sector, i.e., Taranaki (New Zealand), the northeast of Scotland, and the Jutland peninsula in southwest Denmark, drawing out key lessons and leading practices. These cases are positioned within an empirically grounded, conceptual framework of national and regional just transition policies.



regional development, just transition, energy transition, public policy


Krawchenko, T. & Gordon, M. (2022). “Just transitions for oil and gas regions and the role of regional development policies.” Energies, 15(13), 4834. https://doi.org/10.3390/en15134834