Integrating a technology enriched curriculum




Stark, Lindsey

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This project is a personal journey of a schoolteacher and tech mentor that considers the questions of: (1) How can schools create/implement a technology-rich environment? (2) Can a community of practice including the assistance of a Technology Mentor help lead the change in successful technology integration in schools? (3) Are there, context factors, practices of an exemplary technology teacher that will provide an in-depth understanding of quintessential teaching practices that lead to a technology enriched- curriculum? (4) How can everyone in the school community change and grow? The educator/mentor is reflecting on lived experiences in elementary and junior high schools that were implementing new emerging trends and technologies in Edmonton Catholic Schools. Reflections and research on these lived experiences along with literature referring to successful implementation of technology across Canada has helped the author obtain and in-depth view of the common themes identified.



Technology, shared practice, community of learners, mentor, implementation