GENI in the cloud




Yuen, Marco

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Computer networking researchers often have access to a few different network testbeds (Section 1.2) for their experiments. However, those testbeds are limited in resources; contentions for resources are prominent in those testbeds especially when conference deadline is looming. Moreover, services running on those testbeds are subject to seasonal and daily tra c spikes from users all round the world. Hence, demand for resources at the testbeds are high. Some researchers can use other testbeds in conjunction with the ones they are using. Even though each of the testbeds may have different infrastructures, and characteristics, in the end, what the researchers receive in return is a set of computing resources, either virtual machines or physical machines. Essentially, those testbeds are providing a similar service, but researchers have to manage the credentials for accessing the testbeds manually, and they have to manually request resources from different testbeds in order to setup experiments that span across different testbeds. This thesis presents GENICloud, a project that enables the federation of testbeds with clouds. Computing and storage resources can be provisioned to researchers and services running on existing testbeds dynamically from an Eucalyptus cloud. As a part of the GENICloud project, the user proxy (Section 3.4) provides a less arduous method for testbeds administrators to federate with other testbeds; the same service also manages researchers credentials, so they do not have to acquire resources from each testbed individually. The user proxy provides a single interface for researchers to interact with di erent testbeds and clouds and manage their experiments. Furthermore, GENICloud demonstrates that there are, in fact, quite a few architectural similarities between different testbeds and even clouds.



cloud, federation, GENI, distributed systems, testbeds, networking