Implementing sketch based implicit blending




Kolhi, Ishmeet Singh

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Implicit models can be combined using composition operators, but they can produce undesirable characteristics in the results(e.g. unwanted bulging and discontinuities). Recent works in gradient-based operators have been able to address a majority of these characteristics but a major problem still remains: the inability of an artist to build new operators since it involves de ning and tuning a large number of parameters requiring specialized knowledge. In this implementation, we use an automatic method for de ning such an operator by rst capturing sketches from the user around 2D primitives de ning the desired blending behaviour and then non rigidly registering a generic template to these samples. The resultant surface interpolates all these samples and hence provides us with a general template for a blending operator. The nal operator is derived from this template and can be applied to 3D as well as 2D shapes. I have worked towards developing a c++ based tool for this implementation which is the goal of this project.



blending, computer graphics, modelling, Implicit models