Changing the public’s perception of high school shop classes to increase enrollment in apprenticeship and reduce the shortage of skilled trades people in B.C.




Laird, Robert

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This project is a guide for the consideration and start up of a secondary school apprenticeship program in British Columbia’s public schools. It was created to help other school districts and trades instructors start apprenticeship programs and represents the positive aspects in high school apprenticeship. It also addresses the common road blocks in starting an ACE-IT apprenticeship program. The guide addresses the three main configurations of program offerings; the application process through the Industry Training Authority (ITA); requirements for a qualified instructor and a properly equipped facility; the funding available through the ITA; and the student selection process for a successful program. Additionally, it examines the benefits to students over a traditional apprenticeship, and a positive school to work transition. ACE-IT apprenticeship programs are a fantastic way to engage students in trades and skilled labour occupations and are currently one of our best opportunities to help resolve the shortage of trades and skilled labour in Western Canada.



shop class, trades, skilled labour