Ientsitewate’nikonhraié:ra’te Tsi Nonkwá:ti Ne Á:se Tahatikonhsontóntie




Stacey, Iris (Kahtehrón:ni)

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This research has given voice to adult second-language speakers in Kahnawà:ke to help in identifying how they can be supported to continue on their language-learning journey to insure highly accurate unabridged language will be passed on to the next generations. Recognizing these adult second-language speakers as a high priority demographic is essential and timely, as many graduates of adult immersion combined with the first generations from elementary immersion now need the most support and motivation to raise their young families in the language. After years of hard work, patience and dedication, Kanien’kéha revitalization in Kahnawà:ke seems to be at a threshold: it seems as though the next steps in language revitalization will be pivotal. The research suggests the future entails taking a kincentric approach to community language planning and serves as the first study on the impact, successes and challenges of second language speakers in Kahnawà:ke.



second-language speakers, Kahnawà:ke, revitalization, kincentric approach, language